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COVID-19 Update

Despite being in lockdown for just over 70 days, cases of COVID-19 are on the rise in Nepal, currently hovering at around 2300 cases (Source: The spread of the virus can be partially attributed to the groups of workers who are returning home to Nepal from India. There are border disputes with India amidst all the chaos of COVID that are presenting additional challenges to the Nepali government while they struggle to provide enough coronavirus test kits to the people of Nepal.

Vehicle marked as distributing aid
Socially distant aid distribution

Many people are still without work and are forced to travel long distances to obtain food or work. Many are continuing to travel to Far West Nepal, where our partners are. Our partners on the ground have been working to distribute water, rice, noodles, oil, and lentils along with masks, gloves, soap, and hand sanitizer both in the villages of Far West and along the highways where people are travelling. Below is a picture of a law enforcement officer who was provided with a mask, water, and noodles.

Law enforcement officer receiving aid

The local churches have been working to take care of the needy in their surrounding communities. While the government response is taking longer, our network on the ground allowed for a prompt response to the need in the areas in which we are already working. Aid has been mainly distributed through the local churches to the needy in each community. Thus far, our partners have provided aid to 320 families, not including those along the highways who have received aid.

Distributing food
Supplies ready to go

We are still collecting funds to help provide our partners with supplies to distribute to those in need. If you feel called to give, please visit our donate page and choose the “COVID-19 Emergency Relief” fund.

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