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Update on Schools

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

New Creation School

The new building for Kichahi Primary School was officially opened in February 2013. This school currently serves grades K-4 and has over 100 students and 4 teachers. Kichahi is a village located near the Indian border and is home to mostly former slave families.

Grace Secondary School

Grace Secondary School was also officially opened in February of 2013.  This school currently house grades 3-7 with room to go up to grade 10. There are also two larger classrooms which will one day house a vocational training program and a medical clinic to serve the poor and needy in the village of Piperkoti. There are over 200 students at Grace School and 14 teachers.

PremNagar School

PremNagar School has over 100 students in grades 3-7 and 6 teachers. The second wing of the school was recently completed and painted. Now the classes that have been meeting outside have a classroom of their own!


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