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Disaster Relief

We believe that the most effective disaster relief comes from within the country itself. During a natural disaster, our local partners reach out to us, asking for resources to provide relief. Because we work so closely with locals in affected areas we can often get aid to the needy faster than other organizations can. Working with local people helps to boost the economy and is more effective than flying supplies in from a foreign country. 

We focus on relationships and using those connections to provide support, whether through our own resources or by connecting our partners with those who can fill the need. Because of our relational model, we can provide relief to communities that might otherwise be overlooked.

While short term relief is important, we also believe in helping our partners create long-term solutions that decrease the impact of natural disasters, such as floods and wind storms. We are in the process of designing and constructing platform "flood buildings" that can serve as shelters during the monsoon season, keeping both people and food dry. 

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Flooding in Nepal,
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Flooding in Nepal
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Flooding in Nepal
Flooding in Nepal
Flooding in Nepal
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