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Grace Clinic

Peeperkoti is a rural village community on the outskirts of Tikapur. Because the people who live there are so poor, they are not able to travel outside of the area to get basic medical care, and there are no local services. Many Peeperkoti residents have never had a check-up in their entire lives. Women and children die from complications during childbirth every year.

Grace Clinic officially saw its first patients in February 2014. It is located in the same building as Grace Secondary School and is staffed by a trained nurse. The clinic provides check-ups and has a supply of medications to treat common illnesses such as COPD, pneumonia, asthma, and diarrhea.

The vision for Grace Medical Clinic is to serve the students of Grace School, their families, and the  people of the community in a practical way by providing basic medical care.

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