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Books for New Creation School

Our work in Nepal is ongoing, so much so that spare time to update the blog has been sparse. Here is a brief look into one of the projects we have been working on recently!

One of our partners in the United Kingdom supports New Creation School in Kichahi. In April of this year, they provided the students at New Creation School with new books for the school year. The children were very excited about their books and were ready to learn when the school year started.

Fun fact: In Nepal, the school year starts at the end of April to coincide with the Nepal New Year, since the coming of spring signals the beginning of the year in their calendar. Their school year ends in March, and Nepali children are given a few weeks’ vacation time before they begin the next school year. Instead of the extended summer break that we are used to in the West, Nepali schools give their students more frequent but shorter breaks. The two longest breaks are in January and October, to celebrate Hindu festivals.

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