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New Creation School: Quarantine Location

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise in Nepal, the government has been using existing school buildings as quarantine locations, particularly for those people who are returning to Nepal from India. The influx of migrant workers is difficult for the Nepali government to manage, forcing them to find alternative solutions to slow the spread of the virus. One of these quarantine locations is New Creation School in Kichahi Village.

Some of those quarantined in Kichahi

Many of those in quarantine at New Creation School are from local villages, allowing their families to provide them with food with little inconvenience. Currently, twenty-five people are in isolation at New Creation School, and they will remain there for the full fourteen-day quarantine period. Two of the people who returned from India are natives of Kichahi Village who had been stuck in India for around a month, running out of money and food. Their community is so grateful they have returned home safely.

The school, currently being used as a quarantine location

While our partners are ready and willing to allow the school to be used to encourage proper quarantine protocol and help the community stay healthy, opening up the school in this way raises concerns. The school is located at the center of Kichahi Village, raising villagers’ risk of infection if anyone within the school compound becomes ill. We are in close contact with our partners so that we may provide assistance where needed.

We are still collecting funds to help provide our partners with supplies to distribute to those in need. If you feel called to give, please visit our donate page and choose the “COVID-19 Emergency Relief” fund.

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