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Reflections from Bryan: Nepal Team Member January 2011

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

Occasionally, we ask those who have served on a team to Nepal to reflect on their experience. Here is a taste of what a Service Team is like.

Our recent trip to Nepal was a great success! I'm excited about the long term connection we have established with the people in Tikapur. The majority of our time was spent working with the teachers of Grace School and PremNagar School, mentoring and co-teaching. Others we journeyed with worked on building bunk beds for a children's home, engineering a zip line to cross a river during flood time, and repairing a clean water line.

Both the Muslim brothers and the Hindu students in the community were aware of the local church and had positive things to say about it. The local church is meeting needs with integrity and establishing a more healthy living environment without disrespecting the beliefs of the people around them.

I would encourage each of us to spend some time evaluating the priorities of our lives and how they effect the way we treat people, schedules, and resources in the light of how the Nepali people live their lives.

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