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School Update

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

Kichahi Primary School

The Kichahi Primary School opened in April 2012. The school currently serves over 100 students in grades K-4. There are five full time teachers and two volunteers who are there for the next three months. Kichahi is located close to the Nepali/Indian border, and it is a very poor settlement of former slaves. By next year, there will be a new guest house located just a mile from this village. We hope to have more service teams travel to Kichahi once the building is complete. 

Grace Secondary School

Grace Primary School is well known as the best school in the Peeperkoti area. The construction at Grace Secondary School is 80% complete and classrooms will soon be occupied with busy students and teachers. This can't happen soon enough as Grace Primary School is bursting at the seams with 205 students and 10 teachers serving PreK-6th grade. When the new school is completed, Grades 3-6 will move into that building and Grade 7 will be added in April 2013.  The current plan is to add one grade each year until 10th Grade.  

PremNagar School

The construction at PremNagar School is currently on hold due to the fact that the same contractor is being used for Grace Secondary School.  There are currently 80 students and 6 teachers at the new PremNagar School in grades 4-7.  The old PremNagar School has 140 students PreK-3rd grade and 3 teachers.  Our involvement with the old school has lessened over the years for a variety of reasons. 

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