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Schools in Nepal during COVID-19

Schools in Nepal are facing many of the same challenges facing American schools during this pandemic and have had to adapt as a result. In 2020, schools were closed between June and September, in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19.

During this break, Grace School took advantage of the absence of students to do some renovations on the building, including a new roof, new floor, and some painting.

Roof construction at Grace School
New floor at Grace School

Since reopening in October, all schools have put preventative measures in place against COVID-19. Classes are held outside as much as possible, social distancing is practiced, and students and teachers wear masks during school. At Grace School, a student must hand sanitize and be temperature checked in order to enter the grounds for the school day.

Jyoti students holding class outside
Grace students socially distanced in their classroom

Above: students arrive to Grace School

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