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Schools Update

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

This year has been a year of tremendous growth in all of our schools.

With a staff of 13 teachers, Grace School (consisting of Grace Primary School and Grace Secondary School) currently has 273 students and offers pre-K through Grade 7. Since its inauguration in 2013, the classrooms of Grace Secondary school have quickly filled and each year the school grows by one grade level.

PremNagar School has 9 teachers and 240 students. Construction on the second wing of the new school building was completed last year and this year the classrooms were quickly filled. The cadences of Dr. Seuss are heard at both Grace School and PremNagar School. The children still do not speak a lot of English, but they are able to enjoy Dr. Seuss and get around all the phonograms that comprise the English language. Visiting volunteers are increasingly able to communicate with both the teachers and students without translators. We expect that these children will learn to read, write, and speak English, holding their own or even excelling beyond the better off kids in other schools.

Jyoti School is located in the village of ShivaNagar. There are 140 students and 4 teachers located in two buildings. One building is made of mud with a tin roof and the other is built from two shipping containers. The container school, provided by Cargo Of Dreams in partnership with Stoneybrook Christian School in California, was installed in April 2013. ShivaNagar experienced serious flooding this past summer, and 59 houses were destroyed. During that time, the container school became a flood shelter for the displaced families until they were able to rebuild their homes.

Gyani Pathshala School is an English medium, private school with 180 students. It is known as the best school in Tikapur. This school was recently given permission by the District Education Office to expand each year by adding a new class.

New Creation Primary School is located in the village of Kichahi, very close to the Indian border. This school was started in 2013. There are currently 130 students from grades K–5, and 7 teachers. Most of the families who live in the village of Kichahi are former slaves. Now their children are the first generation to have the opportunity to go to school.

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