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Updates from Tikapur

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

An update from one of our key partners on the ground!

Gifts from Samaritan's Purse

We have given gifts to students in Mukta Kamaiya School, Gyanodaya School, in Kailali. These gifts were given to us by Samaritan's Purse, through our dear friend J. B. We are blessed by his life. It was a really nice time, and the children were very happy to receive these gifts. Most of them had never received anything like this before.

Hand Pumps for Flood Affected Community

We have given six hand pumps to those in flood affected areas. They were having a hard time getting water, and many of them were walking very far to find water that was not even safe for them to drink. Many got sick from drinking unclean water from rivers and streams. They were very happy and thankful for these hand pumps.

Door & Windows for School

Recently we gave one door and three windows for the Karnaleshower Primary School in the flood effected area of Kailali. Because of the terrible floods in 2009, many people lost their homes, animals, crops, and everything. They are now living on government land near Tikapur. There are more than four hundred families living together and two hundred children, who were not able to attend school.

We were able to start a small school by providing bamboo, tents, four black boards, plastic for temporary toilets, and some school supplies. After two months, the tents were damaged. We encouraged the local community to build a new, temporary building. It’s amazing! We were able to a build a new school with three rooms! The local community has given one door and three windows but without a roof, construction has been halted. We are still need a roof.

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