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Church Buildings Update July 2022

Despite COVID related shut downs and construction delays, there were many church buildings completed over the past couple of years.

After a two year hiatus in travel, Marian was able to travel to Nepal in January 2022. He visited several new churches that had been completed during the past two years and had the pleasure of inaugurating several new buildings as well.

See all the new buildings below!

Charahi Church:

This church was inaugurated in 2019 with just grass and bamboo walls/roof. It now has cement walls and a metal roof.

Amorah Church:

Located on the Lumki-Tikpaur Road, this church was started in 2018 and inaugurated in January of 2022.

Simrani Church:

This church was inaugurated in 2018

Kamari Church:

Inaugurated January 2022

Jhalari Church:

Inaugurated January 2022

Peeperiya Church:

Inaugurated January 2022

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