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Investing in Young Lives

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

For many years, P and B have taken in and cared for over 30 children from the poor Tharu community in their area. Most of the the children came to live there between the ages of 4 and 7. Some of the children are orphans and some have parents who can not afford to take care of them. Several are the children of former slaves. The children help at the orphanage by growing vegetables in a small plot, taking care of the animals, helping in the home, and going to school. Here are just a few of their stories:

M. Chaudhary

After an impressive top 40 finish on the nursing school entrance exam, M recently left her teaching position at Grace School to pursue her dream of becoming a staff nurse. She began her three year program in December of 2009 at the Shaileshwori Far West School of Health Science in Dhangadhi. She plans to return to the area after her studies are complete, to serve the medical needs of the poor Tharu community she is from with her husband.

R. Chaudhary

R's mother died when he was just a year old and he came to live at the home when he was 5. He is married and currently teaches school while studying for his bachelor's degree.

B. Chaudhary

B is teaching at PremNagar School and is studying for his bachelor's degree. B is the son of S, a former slave, whom Marian released from his life long debt of $14 in 1999.

J. Chaudhary

J is teaches at Grace School. Her father was recently attacked by a bull and died. She recently finished 41st on the entrance exam for nursing school, but they only take the top 40 each year. Although she was disappointed, she will try again next year as her heart’s desire is to become a staff nurse.

J. K. Chaudhary

J. K. was one of the five boys sent to Goa, India to attend trade school. He was trained in carpentry, plumbing, electrical and welding. He is married and working as a welder in Tikapur.

A. Chaudhary

A is teaching at Grace School and continuing his studies. He is the son of N. Chaudhary, a former slave, and one of the many slaves Marian redeemed in 2000.

Note: The name Chaudhary (sometimes spelled Choudhury or Choudry) is the name given to anyone in the Tharu tribe who needs a last name. As most kids do not have a birth certificate, this is the name given to them.

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