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Kichahi Water Project

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

We've been hard at work to provide the village people with access to clean drinking water. Here is an update on our work!

In October of 2009, we realized that the water project in Kichahi was not going as well as we had anticipated. In fact, it had yet to be met with any success. We experienced many setbacks, due to the enormous challenge we had taken on.

The water treatment system is working at Kichahi, but there are technical problems at the main well at the crossroads. The submersible pump is stuck in the well, and the entire pipe will have to be dug out and the pump removed. All we have now is a pipe sticking out of the ground next to the water tower, and a pond around the pipe. But there are lots of happy frogs!

There is always work to be done, and we are determined not to let the speedbumps discourage us.

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