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Motorbikes for Pastors

Many pastors use bicycles to get around, some are fortunate enough to afford a small motorbike. The village roads in Nepal are difficult to navigate, and some pastors serve several churches and have to travel for hours between villages.

Recently, we were able to help one pastor get a new motor bike, and he kindly gave his old bike to another pastor who now does not have to ride his bike 40km (25 miles) to go to leadership meetings.

This pastor leads the church in Malbunga:

The village where he leads was set up after 2000 with kamaiyas (former slaves) who needed a place to live. They each got 5 kattas, approximately 0.4 acres, of thickly wooded jungle, now largely cleared. The pastor’s father donated the land and built a church building.

Conditions here are desperate, and we’re glad we can make even the smallest of difference.

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