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New Creation End-of-Year

In the middle of March, New Creation School in Kichahi celebrated their end-of-year examinations. (This post has some specifics about the Nepali school year and how it differs from the Western one.) One of the men who handed out certificates to our students is a former slave who is now on the school board. We're so proud of all our students and teachers who put so much work into this school year. Here are a couple pictures from the exam day!

The schools are closing for a month-long break, just as the government announced closures as precaution against COVID-19. People in Nepal are taking preventative measures familiar to many of us: social distancing, not gathering in large groups, and proper hand washing. As of right now, Nepal only has a handful of COVID-19 confirmations. We're praying for the health and safety of all our friends there.

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