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School in the Time of COVID

While many schools in America are returning to in-person learning, our schools in Nepal have stayed remote over the summer (learn more about the Nepali school year here). Our teachers at Grace and PremNager schools have been traveling to students' homes, dropping off homework and project work for them. The upper grades at Grace School (6-8) are being taught online. Gyani School is fully online, a format that is familiar to many of us but requires special training for our teachers in Zoom, WhatsApp, and other technologies. Like all over the world, our teachers have had to adapt to unfamiliar technology and methods to teach students either remotely or in small, distanced groups.

Grace School students gathering for class

Joyti School students

Recently, "we had meeting Grace, PremNager, and Gyani, very fruitful meeting with teachers," according to one of our partners. Because of the national lockdown in Nepal that continued through most of the summer, they were asked by the government to do an internal evaluation. They are now "ready, preparing for another education year."

And that year started last week. Stayed tuned for updates on our schools as they head into the new year!

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