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Children's Home

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

In February, Jason led a team of 5 whose mission was simple: Bless the kids at the Children's Home! Working alongside the kids, the team spent a few days sprucing up the inside of the building with a beautiful mural. Each leaf will contain the name of a child who lives at the home.

For fun, the team took nine kids on a trip to Bardiya National Park for an elephant safari. They were quite the site plodding through the Nepali jungle on their five elephant caravan! After the safari, they had dinner at a local restaurant. Most of the kids had never eaten in a restaurant and the team enjoyed seeing all those smiling faces around such a big table. It was memorable day for everyone.

The team spent some time with a local welder making a prototype metal bunk bed to be used in the orphanage. This project was started last year, but had to be put on hold because the original wooden bunk bed design was very difficult to build in Nepal. The design was changed from wood to metal and adjusted slightly so the beds are not so high. The metal bunk beds are much easier to construct and five sets have now been completed. These bunk beds will help the space in the house to be used more efficiently.

In addition to the existing facility which houses 20 kids, plans are in the works for a new building which will be built within the same compound.  This new building will have two floors and 40 beds. Each floor will have a common room that can seat 20 people for a meal or be used as a classroom or a gathering space.

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