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COVID and Flood Relief in Far West & Beyond

Our partners have distributed relief to a town called Melamchi, which lies east of Kathmandu. This place was the epicenter of the second earthquake back in 2015 (Link). Earlier this summer, the area surrounding Melamchi was hit with an incessant amount of raining, causing major flooding and killing several people (Source). Houses and bridges were washed away, as well as municipal buildings. Many have suffered because of the flooding, on top of the pandemic that still rages in Nepal. This was also the beginning of the monsoon season, which typically lasts from June through August or September. However, this year, they are predicting heavier rainfall, and therefore greater flooding, than normal. Our partners sent relief to twenty-six families in Melamchi, providing them with basic necessities.

Melamchi Village

Another town, called Manang was hit with severe flooding. We were able to provide relief to eighteen families, including basic supplies, like pots and pans, that they can use to rebuild their lives from this disaster.

Starting over with new pots and pans

A pastor in a church in West Nepal has been distributing relief to the community through this time. Many needy people have been able to receive this aid.

Receiving aid from a local church

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