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Relief in a Mumbai Slum

One of our partners has been working with a Nepali couple who moved to Mumbai, India to provide support to women in the sex trafficking industry. This couple now oversee a small church in the Mumbai slum of Rabale, behind the train station. Through our partner in Nepal, we were able to provide some COVID relief aid, as well as relief packages for 50 families in the local neighborhood.

Sex trafficking in India continues to be rampant, especially in the face of a global pandemic. Women and girls, especially, are offered the promise of jobs and a livelihood for them and their families and are forced into sex slavery upon their arrival to the job. Many of the women and girls are being trapped and forced to work as dancers or prostitutes because they are being told they must pay back the traffickers an impossible sum of money. Many of these women are Indian, but increasingly more of them are Nepali. (Source.)

This Nepali couple, who have felt moved to serve the women and girls who have been trafficked, have bridged the need from Nepal to India, allowing us to send relief and help to many others who need it. They are empowered to serve where they feel called because they have seen the difference that just a few people can make in the lives of many.

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