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Education and Oximeters

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Cases of COVID have sky-rocketed throughout Nepal (post). Because of the lack of medical infrastructure and education in Nepal, many people who have contracted COVID-19 do not understand just how sick they are. For many, the concept of oxygen levels and how the virus depletes them in an infected body is unheard-of. For those who sought out oximeters (devices that measure the concentration of oxygen in a person’s blood), they discovered how unaffordable they are.

In light of this, one of our partners felt called to assemble medical kits that included an oximeter and a thermometer. Using the same network of churches that we use for our annual Christmas programs that stretches from Far West to Eastern Nepal, our partners distributed 527 of these kits and encouraged the church pastors to use them to illustrate the dangers and severity of the virus. It is our hope that the use of these oximeters will help get the most critically ill people to a hospital when possible.

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