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Flood Relief for PremNagar and Simrahine

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

Since the last two majors floods in August and October, relief aid has been distributed to more than six hundreds forty four families in PremNagar, Simrahine, and other affected villages.

The Saipur school in Simrahine had lost their building, furniture, and supplies. They wre closed fo rnearly two months. Many in the local area have been helping to get that school back up and running in temporary facilities. They have provided tents, bamboo sticks, plastic mats, four black boards, and basic school supplies. The school is currently teaching 120 students.

The government has settled more than five hundreds flood affected families on a plantation area near Tikapur, but clean drinking water is scarce. Many people are drinking dirty water right from the river and getting sick. We are planning to give them some hand pumps so they can try to obtain safer drinking water. A medical camp is planned in PremNagar and Simrahine for after Christmas.

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