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Flooding Update

Our partners have been busy the past few weeks, distributing aid to those affected by the flooding in Nepal and bringing hope to those who feel hopeless in these difficult times. So far, our partners have provided aid to over 650 families. The flooding has hit hardest in the low-laying villages, many of which are communities of former slaves. Because houses in Nepal are commonly made of mud, many families have lost their homes due to the water damaging the structure of the houses. Most of the aid our partners have been providing is focused on the communities where our schools are located, providing assistance to those families first.

We would like to extend our sincere thanks for the donations we have received to help with this relief work. There is more need than we have funds for, so if you still feel called to give, please visit our donate page. Your generosity is a hand of provision and mercy to those who are facing desperate times. Thank you for your partnership and support!

A video from one of our partners, showing relief being distributed and the water levels:

Relief packages being assembled:

Distributing supplies:

A collapsed mud house
Walking home after receiving supplies
Makeshift shelter

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