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Kalikot Landslide Relief Work

The monsoon season in Nepal not only presents flooding concerns but also brings with it the risk of landslides, especially in the mountain districts. In August of 2020, a massive landslide occurred in the Kalikot district of the Karnali province. This province is the largest in Nepal and is one of the more mountainous regions in the country. It is also one of the most remote regions in Nepal, meaning that resources to help those affected are few. To add to all this, many residents who were harmed during the landslide were under a lockdown order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (Source), resulting in them staying in their homes and putting them at greater risk when their houses collapsed under the landslide.

Our partners in Nepal were able to send funds to a local church to be used to aid the people who were displaced due to this landslide. Twenty-eight houses were damaged, and many families were displaced. Our partners worked with the local communities to help those affected by the landslide.

Thank you to all our supporters who donated to help with these relief efforts!

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