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Recent Flooding

Floods in South Asia have been intense this year, with Nepal being hit the hardest in the region. Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu, was overwhelmed with rain that caused flooding and landslides. Dozens of people, 100 by some accounts, have died in these floods. Around 30 people were missing, and thousands of households were displaced.

Parts of India were impacted as well, particularly the region near the border with Nepal. For more information on these floods, click here or here. Local churches and communities banded together to supply those affected with short-term relief supplies.

Receiving some supplies

Floods in Nepal are quite common. The annual monsoon season is during the months of July and August. Around 80% of the annual rainfall occurs during these months, making the rest of the year relatively dry. Average rainfall in Nepal ranges from 1600-1900mm (63-75 inches). By comparison, one of the rainiest cities in the United States, Seattle, has an annual rainfall of 37 inches.

These floods in Nepal are dangerous, due to both the amount and the speed of the water that falls. Rivers can flood in a short time, washing away the land on their banks. Floods often destroy houses and property. There have been instances of goats and water buffaloes being lost, taken away in the current. Many floods are also deadly, killing many each year.

If you would like to read more about past floods, check out the Flooding tag on our blog.

A classroom in PremNagar School in 2009

Flooding in 2013

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