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Recent Flooding- Urgent Need

One of our partners on the ground reached out to us this week, sharing pictures, videos, and stories of the flooding that Far West Nepal is experiencing currently. The water line is dangerously high, and the rain shows little sign of stopping, as we are still early in the monsoon season. A local boy, thirteen years old, went missing due to the flooding. His body was found two days later. Families in the area have been forced out of their homes, and they risk losing their houses entirely if the flood waters do not go down, since the water will cause the mud houses to collapse. Many families are forced to go without food because they do not have a way to prepare meals for themselves or food that can be eaten without cooking.

The video below was taken by a teacher at Grace School, showing the flooding around his and his wife's house:

The government has lifted the lockdown in Nepal that was in place due to COVID-19. However, since the virus is still spreading, there are travel restrictions on movement from one district to another. This ban makes is difficult for our partners to help those in need, and many public places/transport options are closed.

Our partners were able to distribute dry food (that does not require any preparation) to 85 families. However, there are still so many people in need who are still reeling from job loss due to COVID-19. Many of our friends in Nepal were already struggling to feed their families when the rains started.

There is a designated fund for Flood Relief on our donate page, if you feel called to give. These people are in desperate need, dealing with both a pandemic and flood season at the same time. Thank you for your support!

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